stephanie hyland : research

Please see my Google scholar profile, or Semantic Scholar profile for a list of publications.

My research is predominantly motivated by a desire to improve healthcare. By this I mean I dream of a future where high-quality healthcare is available to all people, where the burden of providing healthcare is minimised, and where medical discovery is accelerated through the sharing of collective experience. I'm approaching this future through machine learning research, which is independently useful and interesting, but with the potential to be applied to better healthcare.

On a more mundane level, my research falls into broadly two categories:

  1. How best to deal with the data from electronic health records? This includes dealing with missingness, irregular sampling, differing data types and such.
  2. How can we build real-world models for healthcare? There's a lot here, but I'm especially interested in:
    • Generalisation into new populations and systems
    • Privacy-preserving machine learning

If you share these interests, please check out my publications, and/or get in touch.

If you're a PhD student and would like to work with me, you can apply for an internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge. If you're an aspiring PhD student and would like to be (co)-supervised by me, please contact me directly.